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 Fallout 4 Language Pack-PLAZA


1. Извлечь содержимое архива.

2. Установить русификатор (setup.exe)

Если сразу не заработает тогда:

1.Открыть steam_api.ini и поменять значение Язык=english на Язык=russian

2.Открыть ...\Fallout 4\Fallout4_Default.ini и поменять значение Язык=en на ru

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0 #1 Dyan 08.01.2018 14:18
This is my fourth playthrough of Fallout New Vegas and I agree with
most of the things you said. I rarely find myself having problems with gouls, sure, they can give you problems when you have low level gear but
they get gradually easier as you move through the main quest (which Fallout 3 heavily lacks btw).

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